New Layer Concept/

LFNCO is the studio of Leah Faust n company. Concept development and creative practice are our calling. We amplify the uniqueness in people and their ideas. You can feel our identity design all the way through the user experience via branding, collateral, packaging, production, marketing.
Since 2007.


We are visual artists with backgrounds in painting, graphic design + visual merchandising. LFNCO is fascinated by architecture, sociology, gifted in photography, typography and intrigued by the unknown. Our deep listening and sharp writing skills + years of creative direction shapes our ability to communicate ideas clearly.


We honor your vision and the process of uncovering your personality and identity. We set the stage to let design ideas flow freely during a series of discussions and visual exercises. Your involvement in the creation process bring the details which will deliver your ideas and personality directly to your audience.


We can establish design guidelines or work within existing brand guidelines during our collaboration. We begin with concept development to create a foundation for your project.  We do this in order to align with you on a shared vision, making near-term and long-term goals crystal clear.


Our Team believes in empathetic methods like sharing information and deep listening. We use real time project management software to schedule our pace and keep track of details. We are well versed in sourcing, vetting and bidding vendors, acquiring samples for quality comparison and testing and tracking details.